Help our Telethon !


The Telethon, a French fund-raising event, belongs to everyone ! It takes place at the end of each year with the help of hundreds of thousands of volunteers, millions of participants and lots of artists. The Telethon is also a 30-hour TV program on a public channel.

Telethon improved patients’ lives in many ways. Amazing progress was made on the medical aspects. Life expectancy has increased for patients suffering from neuromuscular diseases. The treatments, more accurate, have also improved significantly they quality of life, although lots of things still need to be done.

Thanks to the donations made through the Telethon, labs, tools, networks were created and the many advances offer hope.

The Telethon is also an opportunity for patients to show their daily difficulties, the concrete progress made in their everyday life, the hopes that research generate. The Telethon is also an opportunity for scientists and doctors to explain their discoveries and their projects.


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