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  1. That is a good thing that they are doing a good job that they are doing for the kids birthday. They are doing a good job on the cakes and the other food to for put them in a shoebox.

    • Dear T. (I can’t call you by your first name, because you didn’t write it),
      I really appreciate your humor. But I would like to explain to you why the kids blow out the candles on a shoebox : pour éviter la contamination au coronavirus (qui est un virus aéroporté), les enfants ne doivent pas souffler sur le gâteau qu’il vont se partager et manger.


  2. I love the cake idea. I would of nether though of it.
    It is Bailey here. Hope you love the videos from my farm, when you teacher came to New Zealand and he visited my farm.

    • Hello Bailey !
      I have such a good memory of my coming to your farm. My last school year students really liked the videos from your farm. Those of this year haven’t seen them yet, but I’ll be sure to show them when our school reopens.
      Je suis très content de savoir que tu continues à apprendre le français avec Mr. Webb. Si tu viens en France, n’hésite pas à frapper à la porte de ma maison : tu seras le bienvenu !
      Don’t forget to pass on my best regards to your parents who they welcomed me into their home so kindly.
      Serge Galligani

    • Dear Jareth,
      I’ll not see my students for three weeks (because our school had to close because of Covid-19). But I’m sure they will be very touched by your happy birthday wishes.
      En français, on dit “donuts”. Il y a juste une différence d’orthographe.
      Il me semble que tu dois être un vrai gourmand.
      Isn’t it ?

    • Dear Oliva,
      Unfortunately, this school year, it is not allowed to leave our school much because of the sanitary instructions imposed on us. We only go to the stadium to play outdoor sports like rugby. In February, we also visited a farm that does organic farming in the neighboring village.
      Dans notre école, tout est ancien. C’est ce qui fait son charme. Elle a été construite en 1883. Mais nous avons depuis quelques mois un tableau numérique qui la modernise un peu.

    • Dear Finn,
      Yes, personally, I visited Paris several times and of course the Eiffel Tower. I saw it when I was a kid, and I showed it to my own children when I became a parent.
      Nous avons aussi de très beaux monuments à Lyon, la grande ville qui se trouve proche de Brindas. À Brindas, notre église est très ancienne et il reste la vieille tour d’un château fort. Cette tour a donné son nom à notre école.
      My students will answer you when they return to school after this new lock down.
      Best regards.

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