Salut, the French Class !

Par email, nous avons reçu de l’école d’Auroa l’excellent travail réalisé par les élèves de la classe de Français, dirigée par M. Webb. Vous pouvez lire nos réponses dans le diaporama-vidéo ci-dessous.
Bravo et merci à nos amis Néo-Zélandais pour leur amitié et leur fidélité.

By email, we received from the Auroa School the excellent work made by the students of the French class, led by Mr. Webb. You can read our answers in the video-slideshow here below.
Well done and thanks to our New Zealand friends for their friendship and loyalty.


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  1. I have left a comment on another post, but this was so good that I will leave another commment here. Thank you so much for your amazing slideshow and words. Our class of students in New Zealand sat through it and were perefectly quite and respectful the entire time. We loved hearing about your school and seeing your sections and different parts of your school – we start school at 9:00am and finish each day at 3:00pm so that was something some of our students were shocked about to think that you are lucky enought to have an extra two hours of learning each day! Amazing! To see your teacher in the photographs, who has been to New Zealand and been to Auroa was amazing, it filled Mr Webb, our teacher, with happiness, and joy.

    We have some videos of our class from the students who have been learning a little French and we would like you to judge the best one, which we will send through to your teacher.

    Thank you friends.

    Mr Webb and Auroa Primary School French Class, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki, New Zealand.

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